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What Is Hiruscar Post Acne?

Hiruscar Post Acne is a 100% anti-bacterial, clear gel which has been specially formulated for fast, easy skin absorption. The unique 3-in-1 formulation works simultaneously to improve the appearance of existing acne scars, dark marks as well as prevent the formation of new permanent scars arising from acne. It also heals wounds naturally while fading dark spots and/or brown marks. In order to see the best results, treatment must be at least 2 weeks - 2 months, 2 to 3 times daily application. Treatment period can also vary depending on the condition of the acne wound too.
Hiruscar Post Acne

100% Satisfaction Test Result*

From a satisfaction test conducted with 21 subjects with acne-prone sufferers - the result: their scars appeared smoother and black and inflamed red marks faded away within four weeks.

Clinically proven, safe to use, non skin irritant, even safe to use on sensitive skin.

* Clinical study and satisfaction test with 21 subjects by Dermscan, France
** 34 times high potency of Quercetin (conducted by HPLC test)